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OUR TEAM: Our Team
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Who We Are

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Amanda & N8 Nguyen


Husband and wife team started their fitness journey many many years ago. Opening a CrossFit gym 8 years ago was a dream come true! Having the vision to help as many people as possible they knew they’d want to expand to offering more programs and ways of getting fit. Their second dream came true in 2018 when the opportunity to build their own fitness facility came to fruition. Now finally they would be able to offer more ways to get healthy and stay fit. Health and fitness is not only about physical strength but mental and spiritual health is just as important. They are excited to see this studio grow and to be able to impact the lives of their beloved community. 

Together they have 7 kids, love working out and watching movies with their spare time. Come say hi, they’d love to meet you!

yoga instructor

Vanessa Estes


Vanessa has been sharing the love of Yoga with her community as a 200 hour RYT since 2014. From yin to Vinyasa, she’s loved bringing positive energy into the sacred place where her community practices. In 2016, Vanessa was introduced to an evolutionary practice of Buti Yoga and became certified months later. She’s embraced this fusion of tribal dance, plyometrics, spiral structure technique and yoga asanas as a true soulmate workout that brings liberation, strength, humility, and peace from the work put in on the mat. 

Vanessa continues to provide healing off the mat as a licensed mental health counselor. She believes that a healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind, and a healthy mind needs exercise and relaxation, too! She hopes to cultivate a space for everyone to love and accept themselves on and off the mat.


Serena Tomaso


Serena is a 200 HR RYT and meditation teacher based out of Renton, Washington. She inspires others to find their unique practice, while living life with a loving awareness. Let go of comparison, seek kindness and connection. You will see her leading a challenging Power Vinyasa with lots of core work, or bringing out the pillows for Yoga Nidra, to heal from the inside out. She teaches private classes and group workshops on how to use the Yoga Wheel, learn arm balances, and inversions.  Come as you are, learn at your own pace, and celebrate your strength.


Eunice Nam


A native of Washington and graduate of the University of Washington, Eunice thought her career path would stay in Graphic Design working at a desk behind a computer. Car accidents, back pain, weight gain and health issues made Eunice realize she had to make some major changes in her life.  Eunice knew hot yoga would stay with her for the rest of her life after one class. She signed up for Hot Hatha Teacher Training within the first month of her first class in 2009. She’s never found other workouts that gave her the mind and body connection she has found with yoga. She was hooked from the very first class she took and has not looked back once. She has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and have been teaching almost as long. She teaches Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Wall Yoga. Eunice also offers RYT200 Hatha and Power Teacher Trainings through her company, Saucy Yoga, in compliance with Yoga Alliance. She has also recently completed her RYT500 credits and is also a continuing education teacher through YA.  Eunice has dedicated herself to the next step of continually giving back to her yoga students and community through leading classes, trainings and retreats. Yoga is her lifelong study and practice.

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Amy Jarju


Originally from Canada, Amy lived in Washington for 17 years now. She has four amazing kids and work as a Dental Assistant. 

She was always very active and her daily routine exercise was weight lifting since 13 years old. Within the last few years, she has really found amazing results in diversifying her exercise routine. In 2018, her friend introduced me to Buti Yoga and not really having done much yoga before, she fell in love with it. In November of 2019, she decided to get Certified as a Buti Yoga Instructor. She asked herself, "why not teach what you love and feed that passion?!" So as she dives into teaching Buti Yoga, Hot Buti Yoga, Hot Core, and Pilates she looks forward to taking her 200 HR YTT.

yoga instructor

Jaina Harris


Jaina started her yoga practice in 2014. She received her 200 hour certification in 2017 from the Hot26 school of yoga. She is certified in Vinyasa flow, Yin, Traditional 26 and Hatha. Of these styles, her favorite to teach is Vinyasa. When she started her practice, she didn't think that it would change her as much as it did. Jaina started to look at herself and the world differently. She developed a mantra within her training; "You are enough." It is her mission to give people the tools, through yoga, to see the greatness that is within them.


Aubrey Theiss


Aubrey has been teaching hot yoga for nearly 8 years. She teaches hatha, vinyasa and sculpt. She describes her classes as funky and deliberate where each breath is connected to each movement. She enjoys working out, being outdoors, and playing with her 2 little doggos.


Michelle Font


Michelle's yoga journey started in 2006 as a student, she studied online as she was intrigued by learning the benefits of the poses. Since then she obsessed mostly with "asana study;" looking up poses, memorizing what they were helpful for, and using them for self-care.

February 2020, she traveled to the beautiful Big Island, Hawai'i and joined a cohort of 10 for an intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training lead by amazing Full Circle Yoga instructors. She is now certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance with my 200 RYT. In the training, she gained a HUGE appreciation for everything that Yoga truly is and now finds herself wanting to lead others to a more well-rounded practice of yoga that includes all its 8 limbs.


Iza Narag


Iza primarily teaches vinyasa classes, however, within her own practice, she enjoys diving into various yoga styles as they are all diverse and each offer unique experiences. She first stepped foot into a studio in 2019, where she instantly fell in love with the practice and the community. As a yoga teacher, she is dedicated to cultivating a space that is engaging and allows her students to explore the connection of mind to body while setting and creating new boundaries, both on and off the mat. 

Through nature and yoga she finds it possible to explore her inner self while realigning herself with her values.


Lori Torres


Lori is the CEO and Creator of MixxedFit® which started right here in Renton, Washington. She is the mother of 4 beautiful children, and is happily married to the love of her life. Lori loves to play the piano, and has studied it for almost 30 years. In her spare time, she loves listening to music (Beyoncé), likes to read books by authors like John C. Maxwell, and listen to podcasts by Oprah or Craig Groeschel.⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Jeff Trudeau


Jeff was introduced to yoga in 2005, and it quickly became part of his home work out routine. Doing yoga off and on for 6 years, he knew he liked it. But, it wasn’t until he stepped into a yoga studio in 2011, that he discovered what it meant to Practice yoga. Jeff’s asana practice deepened as he began to connect with a community, and all aspects of being a yogi. Finding focus, strength, healing, balance, and peace, he was officially hooked.

In 2013 he decided helping others with their practice was the next step in his journey.  Receiving his 200 hour RYT in March of 2014 from The Forces of Good at Fruition hot yoga, with Danielle Day.

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Samita Nguyen


Samita’s began her yoga journey in 2014 with learning basic yoga principles of traditional Hatha. Over the course of her yoga journey, it wasn’t until two years ago she finally decided to take a leap and take the next step to be a teacher. In December of 2020 she completed and completed her 200 YTT from the My Vinyasa Practice Studio from Austin, Texas. 

She teaches Vinyasa and Yin, encouraging her students to be present and embrace oneself and that taking the time out of your day to focus on yourself is self-care. Embracing meditation in her classes helps her students the art of letting go and embracing one’s true self.


Samantha Mesman


Yoga is not the destination of completing cool-looking postures but the effort and lessons that arise along the way. This practice has provided a pathway to connect with my body and observe my stream of thoughts. It's ongoing but the benefits have allowed more room for patience, contentment, and trust within myself as life ebbs and flows. As a lifelong soccer player and hiking enthusiast, yoga continues to open my body ensuring my muscles are properly prepared for what's to come; thankfully preventing injuries. This brings more joy to other parts of my life as I maintain my body at a pain-free functional level. Pre-yoga: I was unable to touch my toes and simply thought, "Well, I'm not flexible."  Flexibility begins with the mind as we cultivate an openness to try new things, fail many times, yet rise and try again. With consistency and breath that has been proven no longer to be true and anything is possible. There is so much we are capable of.

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Maja Brickner


I started teaching Yoga in 2011 and even though I was terrified, after working a desk job most of my life, it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and give back to my community. Practicing yoga completely changed my outlook on life, my physical and mental health. I love teaching as it is a daily reminder to be grateful, humble and positive. I absolutely love working with our students and no matter what my day was like, teaching at night always makes me feel better. Traveling is one of my fav things to do outside yoga practice. My favorite destination is pretty much where ever I happen to be!! I am hoping to get to a few international destinations in the next couple years. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach at RCF Studio. I have received certifications to teach Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Barre, Wall System and am a constant student both taking classes and continuing education.


Anastasia Hicker


My name is Anastasia, I am a artist and yoga instructor. I found yoga in 2015 and has been the biggest gift in my life. From being a double athlete in college, I was always competing and trying to be the best. When I come to my yoga mat I know that I’ve already done enough. It is a space of healing, strength, focus and community. Yoga helps me be my truest self by challenging me physically and mentally. I decide to get my 200 hour teacher training to share the gift of yoga to others. 

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Darah Harris


I have been a Certified MixxedFit® Instructor since 2014, also I am a Corporate National Trainer and a Certified Personal Trainer. I love to see people's faces before and after class, the look of eek then to the accomplishment and enjoyment truly fills my cup!

All ages and levels are welcome! Let’s dance and have a good time while enjoying the turn-up! “When in doubt, squat it out!” Let’s werrrkkk!


Carolina Mendes


Carolina was introduced to yoga in 2015 while struggling with a lot of anxiety. Amused by the discovery that consistent practice provided the emotional and spiritual balance she was unaware she needed, she decided in 2020 to sign up for a 200 RYS training in Vinyasa and Iyengar based training. Being originally from Brazil and used to warmer temperatures I felt in love with Hot Yoga. It feels like going home! 

“When I guide a class, I always set an intention to hold a safe and loving space where everyone will feel welcomed”.

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Thania Goodman


Originally from Mexico, she has been practicing yoga since 2014. The first yoga class she thought was” yoga for kids” then she got certified as a 200-hour RYT yoga instructor. She moved to Seattle in 2016 and continued with her yoga journey but now in a different language.

She loves to teach everything in her own style like vinyasa, sculpt, aerial yoga, yoga for kids, prenatal yoga and rocket yoga. She thinks one of the most important things in her class is the playlist so everyone can have fun with it. She loves to share some of her culture while she is teaching yoga.For her, yoga is really important because she can connect with others, yoga has changed her life and now she wants to share that with everyone. 


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Scotty Tymczyszyn


Scotty has practiced yoga since 2003 at dozens of studios including Hot Yoga Inc and Get Zen.  He has taught Vinyasa and Hatha Fusion since 2014.  He got certified in Buti yoga in 2019.  He has assisted with multiple teacher trainings and currently travels to different resorts with fit bodies and practices while his wife Vanessa teaches yoga. 

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Charity Torres


My yoga journey began 15 years ago and it has been an educational love affair ever since. My current certifications are RYT 200 hour including vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. My passion lies with vinyasa because of its combination of breathwork, movement and uplifting music. Being able to connect my mind, body and spirit through breathwork has been my saving grace. The opportunity to guide others through the discovery of self love and care, is what inspires me to continue my work. This includes pursuing a 500 RYT and Buti yoga certification.  When I’m not practicing yoga I spend time with my 12 year old daughter we enjoy hiking, gardening and going to live shows.

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Sequoia Nelson


Sequoia began her yoga journey around the age 14, when she happened upon a Vinyasa studio and she was hooked from that moment on. She practiced Vinyasa and Bikram with a devotion and love she had never been able to find in other after-school activities. She was also very interested in the more philosophical and metaphysical sides of yoga from an early age as well. Sequoia’s classes blend the physical with the spiritual, because that is what we are as human beings; spiritual beings in a physical form. So we must take great care of that physical form and have the most fun in it as possible.

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Vickie Cabrera


Certified MixxedFit instructor since 2012...  She makes working out incredibly fun!  All you need to do is show up and let her take care of the rest!  She’s known for her toning sessions in between dancing too!  It gives her absolute joy seeing her students smile & have fun while getting in a fantastic workout!

When Vickie is not dancing, you will find her “beasting”out CrossFit workouts on the other side of the gym. 

Come join her every other Sunday and let’s “werk it.” 

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